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5 Things To Do Before Your Wedding Day

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1. Plan Time For You

Book in all your final beauty appointments to make sure you have time the week before the wedding. Hair, nails, facial, massage, whatever it is to feel your best. And make time for your passions! Whether it's a yoga class, workout, a walk in the park or coffee with your bestie make sure you find some me time so you can stay relaxed. 

2. Go On A Date 

Chances are you've been saving money for the wedding, or you've been good with your diet. Give you and your partner the night off and go on a date, or even have a weekend away! Whether you do a fancy dinner or go to your favourite burger joint have some time just the two of you. 

3. Get Organised

Spend an afternoon with your fiancé or with your bridesmaid going through all the final details and compiling lists of contact names, timings and everything you need to have ready on the day. It may feel like a boring task but trust us you'll thank yourself as the wedding gets closer. 

4. Plan Your Getting Ready Oasis

On the morning of the wedding you want to have all your favourite things around you. Fresh flowers, scented candles, a getting ready playlist, some tasty nutritious snacks, and don't forget the bubbles! 

5. Book Your Wedding Day Coordinator 

If you haven't already booked a coordinator now is the time to get one booked in. Not sure whether you need a coordinator? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you worried about everything getting set up the way you planned on the day?
  • Are there things that need to get done but I'm your not sure who will do them?
  • Do you want to hand over everything to someone else so you can relax and enjoy your big day?

If you answered yes to any of these questions an On The Day Coordinator could be the solution. Find out more about our on the day package by clicking the link below.