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How Much Does A Wedding Cost

We advise brides and grooms on how much a Sydney wedding or Australian wedding costs, how much they should budget for their wedding, the cost of wedding styling and the cost of a wedding dress. 

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How much does a wedding cost?

How much should I budget for my wedding?

This is it. The big one. The question that all couples ask themselves, their friends, and of course, their wedding planner. How much does a wedding cost?

And - as planners  - in the interest of being honest - it’s the question we HATE to try and answer. Honestly, hate it.  Especially before we truly know a couple, their tastes and expectations for their big day. It’s a bloody minefield!

When a couple ask me how much a ‘typical’ wedding costs, I say to them, it’s kind of like a overseas friend asking you how much dinner costs in Sydney. Bare with me here. So...Do they want something white table clothed and fine dining like Café Sydney? Or are they looking for something lively with a waterfront view at Watson’s Bay or The Coogee Pavilion? Or are they after street food in China town, Fish and chips on the beach in Bondi, or a burger at an iconic Surry Hills pub? Any of these could be what your friend is looking for - but the price and experience will vary greatly. And the same is the case with weddings! Only we’re also taking into account how many people are coming for dinner, what they want to wear to dinner, how they want to get to dinner (Uber X, Limo, Sea Plane, Unicorn) .... You get the idea! 

Luckily those lovely people at Wedded Wonderland have taken their annual survey of brides who have answered questions on what they spent in 2017 on all things wedding. You can read the full report here.

According to the 515 brides who took part in the survey the average Australian wedding now costs $51,245, a jump from last year's survey where the average spend was $48,624. No surprise that the with the biggest ticket items for the actual wedding day itself were the Venue ($21,250), Flowers and Styling ($6,704) and the dress at $5,180 (up from $4,000). 

This article is a great read and it's good to have some averages to educate on the real cost of weddings - as well as help couples to decide where they want to spend their money. 

However take it with a pinch of salt. The bottom line from us – and going back to our dinner analogy –is every couple is different. And every wedding budget is different. However if you bring us in to plan your big big day we’ll always work our damn hardest to get you the best wedding for your budget – whatever that is.

Keep an eye out on our blog as next time we'll be challenging some other big questions around wedding planning and wedding costs. 

With thanks to Wedded Wonderland for asking the big questions :-) 

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