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How To Do A Wedding Run Sheet

We often get asked by clients what a run sheet it so we tell all on what the run sheet is and how to create yours.

how to do a wedding run sheet


‘What the F is a wedding run sheet?’ We hear you cry!

Everyone keeps talking about the run sheet but you have no idea what one is and who’s meant to make it. Confusing times. Let us help…

So what is a wedding run sheet?

A wedding run sheet is essentially an full timeline of the day and should start from the morning when early tasks such as hair and make up start to the next day / bump out. It should be a really detailed over view of the day so that anyone could use it to know what’s happening and when.

What should I do it in?

We do our run sheets in excel but you can do a table in word just as easily.

What should I include exactly?

We use the following columns:

Day / Time

What’s happening

Who’s responsible / who is doing this and their contact details (for the day - not just their office number or email address)

Notes - additional notes about what’s being delivered or anything useful where anyone can check off things when needed  

For example….

11am - Midday - Floral Bump In at Reception Venue - Sarah @ Lovely Blooms (0412 345 678) - Delivering: 5 X Tall table installations, 5 x small table installations, bridal table table installation, florals on bride and grooms chairs, flowers for the bar. Note access from back of building, loading zone available for 10 mins then car to be moved to nearby parking.

When should I do my wedding run sheet?

Our advice is to start as early as possible. Your wedding planner will do your run sheet for you and should start it early in the process just to note key timings as they’re confirmed. If you don’t have a wedding planner or wedding day coordinator then start the template early and drop in your timings as they’re confirmed then aim to have your full run sheet in solid draft form around 3-4 weeks before the wedding. The final version, ideally should be finishes 1-2 weeks before the wedding.  Having a good run sheet will help you when planning the logistics for the day and ensure you have enough time for transport / photos and ensure the day flows well.

 My venue said they will do my run sheet - so do I still need to do one?

Short answer - yes. The venue run sheet will include everything happening there but probably won’t include things happening before and after. If you’re having an off site ceremony or just generally want to include more than what time everyone’s arriving and food comes out it’s a good idea to have a more detailed version.

What do I do with my run sheet?  

Send it out to everyone! Your MC should 100% have a full version of the run sheet and then you can send it out to all your suppliers the week(s) before the wedding. Try to limit the number of versions you send out to avoid complication and confusion. Sending your MOH / Best Man / family member a version can also be useful to make sure a few people know what’s going on.

We hope that helped. So good luck and enjoy your wedding planning!

All feeling a bit much? It’s never too late to bring in a wedding planner or wedding coordinator to help. Contact us for an obligation consultation to discuss your planning needs and get a quote!