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Wedding photographer Andy Morris from Weddings By Morris shares his top tips on planning your wedding and getting the most from your photography.

how to get the most from your wedding photography


5 ways to remove stress from your wedding day from a photographer who has seen it all. By Andy Morris @ Weddings By Morris

1) Be conscious of your timings during your bridal preparation. The way to avoid any undue stress here is to make sure the bride isn’t the last one of all the girls to have her hair and make up done. The knock on effect of many girls having hair and make-up done is that delays can and will happen. The worse case scenario is that the bride goes last and becomes the person with the least time out of everyone. It’s a good idea to discuss these timings with your photographer to make sure there is also enough time to get some shots of everyone fully dressed and looking gorgeous before heading off to the ceremony .

2) Be super organised with family photos Normally family photos are carried out following the ceremony before heading off for location photos and, as with most aspects of a wedding, time is of the essence. If you’re super organised then family photos should only take 10 minutes, if you’re not then you may waste a bunch of time and get stressed out as a result. To be organised you need to write a list of every family photo you want. Then delegate this list to one or two really bossy people who know all the family and can wrangle everyone into order at the spot the photographer will have chosen.

3) Don’t be over ambitious with the number of locations chosen for the location photos. It’s a good idea to discuss your location photos at length with your photographer. If you’re not super fussed and happy to leave this part for your photographer to organise then all good. If you really have your heart set on two, three or more locations then it pays to be realistic about how much time this will actually take, especially when weekend traffic may be a factor. If you’re over ambitious then it has a chance of all feeling like one mad rush to get from spot to spot and won’t be enjoyable.

4) Bring flats if there’s a bit of walking involved during the location photos Find out from your photographer how much walking will be involved and plan accordingly.

5) Use your location photo time as an opportunity to escape the wedding day madness There will be very few moments on your wedding day when there’s no one around but the two of you. Use these moments to feel the love together and enjoy some much deserved intimacy and silence. My style of shooting means that I won’t be in your face the whole time with my camera so you’ll switch off from me from time to time. Not only is this great because you’ll be alone together, it will also allow me to capture some beautiful natural moments.