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Wedding Music Tips From A DJ

DJ Toby J tells all on how to ensure the music part of your day runs smoothly

nailing your wedding music - tips from sydney dj and all round musical whizz toby j

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The awesome Toby J gives us his tips and tricks to consider when planning your wedding music.

Doesn’t everyone have that song?!

If you’re worried about a song for your ceremony being too popular or common, I suggest going with it! More often than not, these ‘popular’ songs do not get chosen because people think exactly that - that they’re too popular. As a result that are rarely chosen. Go with something that you both relate to and enjoy.

Avoid disasters!

Be sure to let your musician know if any part of the day is outside and AWAY from power. There’s nothing worse than arriving at a ceremony to find out you have to sing and play unplugged to 100 guests and compete with the elements when we could have brought a battery speaker with us :)

Is that price too high?

When it comes to budget, you may only want 1, 2, or 3 songs played in the space of 30 minutes. Or even less in some cases. A lot of people seem to forget that for that musical, they have spent time during the week to practice the song(s), they have accepted the booking which means, generally, that is their only gig for the day, and they are bring an instrument and equipment that can range from $10k - $50k +
How long for Party Time?

Everybody loves a good party, but everyone also gets tired. Weddings that have a 3 hour dance floor time generally end up with a fairly empty dance floor after the first 45 minutes. Keep everyone up and dancing, the WHOLE time, screaming out how much fun they are having. Two hours is more than enough time to dance - better to leave on a high than having an empty dance floor with guests trickling out right?!